Have You Seen My Trousers Anywhere?

Winter 2010

Hallo? Hallo? is this thing on?

Ah here we are. My deepest apologies for the severe delay in update during these past months.

I have been working like a busy bee.

Not that bees have a large scope of activities that they can choose from. Eat, Fuck, Pollenate and occasionally Sting are really the only things they have on their menu. Maybe we’re not to dissimilar too bees.

We probably are.

I have completed my last job, Camelot. In which i play a King. King Arthur to be precise. It will be out soon. I don’t know where but i’m sure if you use the interwebby you can find out.

I have broken my ankle.

Not whilst writing this.

Strenuous physical effort is not something my body deals with very well.

I am in Ireland. It snows. Carpeting Baggot street in an etherial white blanket, unlike the sheets at home which do need changing.
The heroin addicts and crack whores of O’connell street turn from threatening muggers to soft white polar bears looking for a hug and Phoenix park begins to resemble a picture postcard image i saw back in the 1700’s.

Snow covers all the bad shit.

However it cannot cover the hole in my heart that has been made due to having to leave this last job.

I have made some unbelievable friends, ones that shall never be forgotten and that shall remain always. I’m terrible at goodbyes.

This, i suppose, is for them.

So… Peter, Phillip, Dairymaid, T-mac, Dee-licious, Pippa, Dennis, Nick and everyone who made this last job amazing I thank you.
I love you guys.

America calls me.
Be kind America, you are big and i am only little.

Winter has come.

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